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Nakakasawa na po maging second choice.

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Random #389Plot twist: The happiest and funniest person you talk to everyday is suicidal.

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I miss myself. My happy, and positive self. Lately, I’ve been faking my smiles and my laughs, and I’ve become a negative person. I was someone whose hiding underneath, making my positive other self seen, but now that my mask wore off. But it’s okay, at least I’m being true to myself now.

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My eyes says it all

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Ang kyut ng mga lalake g gumagawa ng blog pra istalk yung blog ng crush or mahal nila na hindi sila pinapansin hohoho

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What if I keep distance? Will I be missed? Will my worth be realized? Will my absence be noticed? Will it turned out good? or along with my disappearance and silence will be the end of everything? It’s hard to accept that sometimes your act of wanting some space leads to a total end. But it’s even harder when all you want is to feel significant and worthy but then led to a closed book in one’s life.

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